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“A good picture is like the first line of a story, one would like to know how the tale continues.”

About me.

Pascal Philippaerts

Pascal Philippaerts


Hi, and welcome.

I live in a small but beautiful country in Western Europe… where it’s usually cold and often raining.

But that’s what makes it so special! 😉

And hey… we have frites, and waffles…, and chocolate.

And beer.  Excellent beer.

Belgian beers are famous.

I’m on a journey through photography land, always looking to find beauty beyond reality.

I prefer working in black & white, not only because it lends a certain timeless quality to the image but I also think that without the distraction of colors, we can provide a stronger emotional connection to our subject.

Although I love shooting in color as well, for me black & white is more of a creative choice…

I like to work with contrast, shape and form.

Beside photography, I love dogs, especially my best friend Lara which joins me on my daily runs.

I like nature in general, long walks and ‘natural’ running, good food (flemish carbonnades), South-African wines and single malt whiskies.

Thanks for visiting.


“A picture is a poem without words.”

Frequently Asked Questions.

Not found what you're looking for?

If your question is not answered here… just connect with me!  Thanks.

Are you for hire

No.  Not really.

If you are looking for an event-photographer, try searching Google for a real pro.

Those people have invested lots of time and money in gear and education, and they need the money for a living.

I just make images for fun.

However, if you think I can help for any photography project, or maybe you’d like to have some shooting time together, feel free to drop me a note.

What gear do you use

Owning a D70 and later on a D300 i’ve been shooting with Nikon gear for several years, until I found out about Fujifilm’s mirrorless X-system.

The Nikon gear was too heavy, so I sold it and moved to Fuji.

After working with an XPro-1 for a while I also sold that one to fund an XT-1 which is my current camera and I really like it.

I felt in love with the way these mirrorless camera’s challenge us to experiment and as such tends to bring out the creative.

They have separate dials for all settings, mostly all buttons are customizable, and I like the beautiful retro style.

And they are small, and half the weight of a DSLR.  And sexy.

Also Fujifilm has a really nice lens lineup.

Most of the time I’ve just the 18-55mm on my XT-1, although I also own a 35mm 1.4 and a 50-200mm tele.

Saving for more!

What about your workflow

I shoot in raw, and 90% of my editing is done in Lightroom CC.

For a very few images I will switch over and back to Photoshop CC, but only when specific creative processing is required.

Or for portrait retouching.

I’ve never used any presets or predefined actions.

Every image is unique,  and I try to adjust my editing techniques depending on the ‘story’ I like to tell with it.

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”

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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.”